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Millforce 1 Millforce 1 Planer Type K Planer Type Floor Type PR Floor Type Table Type T Table Type
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Union Millforce 1 Column Miller

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X from 3,000 mm to > 40,000

Y up to 2,500 mm

Z up to 1,500 mm

UNION CNC travelling column miller with RAM


Universal milling machine featuring distinct rigidity and dynamics for efficient machining of medium-sized workpieces

Attractive cost-to-benefit ratio for the production of one-offs as well as small and medium batches

• sturdy and dynamic machine to be used both for rough and superfinish machining

• infinitely positionable and sturdy universal milling head

• compact precision roller guides in all axes to achieve utmost machining accuracies

• high speeds, feed rates and axis acceleration rates

• attractive cost-benefit ratio

Millforce 1 Milling machine